Kerning Editorial Global Reach

We apply our vast experience in nuanced communication skills on a global platform to ensure your projects successfully convey their intended message.

Global Clients – Language Customization

We offer all editorial services to global clients who wish to tailor their message to an American audience. Guidance is provided for print books, eBooks, websites, business communication, manuals, and guides.

U.S. spelling, phrases, references, idioms, grammar, and syntax will be infused to ensure your project is seamless to an American market. Contact us for a complimentary consultation.

Global Sourcing, Production, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain Organizations

We offer complete editorial guidance and industry-leading expertise, regardless of your location in the world, while keeping within your organizational guidelines and non-disclosure policies. We have enhanced websites, newsletters, and internal policy documents to the highest standards through our editorial experience. Developmental editing, line editing, and copyediting services are bundled along with proofreading to offer a comprehensive editorial package.

We will discuss your overarching goal for the project and edit accordingly, making certain the organization’s voice and intent are at the center. Sections of copy may be moved for flow, and our line editing skills will be used to re-write sentences if portions of the document or website are not clear to the end user. All revisions will be shared with you before final changes take place. In addition to making the flow and clarity of copy fit the larger premise of the project, we will ensure images, tables, graphs, and report analyses are both cohesive and accurate. The resulting document or project will be precise, polished, and easily understandable on a global platform. Contact us for further information.