Kerning Editorial Nonfiction & Business Editing

Editing ensures nonfiction authors and organizations present themselves to their audience in the best possible light.

Nonfiction Writers, Publications on Organizational Strategy, Leadership, Coaching, and Motivation

We welcome nonfiction authors on all platforms be it books, magazines, essays, or web-based content. We offer precision support ensuring a professional result that showcases your work to its best advantage.  

Your manuscript will be in good hands. For over twenty years our Founder has immersed herself in the successful study and practice of leadership communication, organizational management, and building motivated teams through kindness and fair practice in corporate America.  You will find an objective guide and experienced partner to support your endeavors.

Thriving in a corporate atmosphere is not only about “business smarts” and the bottom line. People, are the key to every success. Happy people, are the key to lasting success.

Domanie Spencer – Founder, Kerning Editorial

Entrepreneurs, Businesses, and Non-Profit Organizations

Business editing will enhance the language of your organization. As a business leader, authentic connections with your teams are built through trustworthy communication personal to your voice and vision. We make sure your message delivers with intent and sets the tone of your leadership.

As an entrepreneur, you engage your customer base through concise, interesting, and impactful copy. Continuously writing in an influential and meaningful manner is not easy. Allow our expertise to guide you in conveying your message successfully.

If you are a startup business looking for consistency between your website, internal communication, and social media posts, or an established business looking to refresh the organization’s policy documents, human resource messaging, or quarterly presentations, Kerning Editorial has the experience to support you.

Non-profit organizations require their message to convey the importance and urgency of their mission. If you are looking for support in enhancing, revising, or setting up your websites, social media platforms, and newsletters we are committed to ensuring your purpose and results are delivered with clarity.

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