Kerning Editorial

Connecting your writing with your readers is nuanced and we know it’s vital. Your literary and professional success is our focus. We are a supportive, inclusive organization based on the simple principle of taking pride in what we do. We welcome your trust, and understand it’s earned.

Our Rates


  • Creative nonfiction memoirs, nonfiction books, magazines, book reviews, book covers, and personal essays
  • Nonfiction manuscripts, trade journals, magazines, presentations, and training material
  • Newsletters, internal corporate communication, presentations, process documents, SOPs, and marketing material for businesses and non-profit organizations
  • Websites, blogs, and social media platforms with a focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


  • Business documents including project manuals, white papers, newsletters, proposals, brochures, and compliance documentation
  • Standard Operating Procedure documents (SOPs)
  • Web content editing ensuring Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Optimizing Keywords, Key Phrases, and Meta Description data toward the success of SEO content
  • Customizing business content created using artificial intelligence (AI) by line editing to refine style, create originality, reduce redundancies, and increase interest

Kerning” is the space between letters. Inherently important in tying all details together, it exists in the background without spectacle. At Kerning Editorial, it represents the opportunity to recognize what can be easily overlooked and amend seamlessly.

Domanie Spencer, Founder – Kerning Editorial

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